Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation is basically like any other negotiation. It occurs either AFTER you have been offered a job or as part of a regular review process.

The key points are:

Know yourself

  • What are your USPs (Unique Selling Points)?
  • How do you compare to your peer group?
  • How valued are you by the organization?
  • How easily replaced are you?

Know your environment

  • What industry wide salaries/reviews are prevailing?
  • Why should you be paid that much or more? Again USPs!
  • Know your organization’s mindset and the personalities of the decision makers
For example, if you are in a regulated industry where people such as yourself are paid X, there may be little room for discussion.

It is also vital to know the people you are dealing with

  • Some people require carrots, other sticks. Sticks are very dangerous for employees and best avoided!

What non-financial items can be included in your package?

For example:
  • Sponsorship of Tertiary Courses
  • Inhouse Training and Development
  • Overseas exposure, etc

These serve to advance your career and employability and are vastly more important than a few hundred dollars a month. Don't be greedy. Think long term.

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