Advisory on phishing and impersonation scam | Kerry Consulting

    It has come to our attention that there are Whatsapp and/or LinkedIn messages, calls, as well as emails claiming to be from Kerry Consulting or Kerry Consulting consultants, which inform recipients about certain job opportunities with various organisations. If the recipients express interest, the first scammer will introduce his/her colleague(s) (i.e. the subsequent scammers) and the recipients will be contacted for further information.


    Though we are unable to ascertain what these scammers would like to achieve, it’s our responsibility to inform and advise the affected recipients that, if in doubt, please kindly do the following:

    1. Call our company’s hotline (+65 6333 8530) or
    2. Email us at


    We will investigate the incident you encountered and verify with you whether it was a valid message/email/call.


    Lastly, we have filed a police report.


    Thank you for your attention!


    Kind regards,
    Kerry Consulting
    License: 16S8060