Deepali Chaturvedi at the INSEAD Campus | Kerry Consulting

    Deepali Chaturvedi at the INSEAD Campus

    Consultant Declan O'Sullivan
    Declan O’Sullivan

    A very insightful evening spent by our Managing Director, Deepali Chaturvedi at the INSEAD Campus yesterday, presenting to an audience of INSEAD Students and Alumni on a very topical issue: Navigating Careers in the New Age

    She spoke about the Global trends impacting jobs of tomorrow, and also shared the collective wisdom and insights from Kerry Consulting team on what our clients are seeking in candidates today.

    There was an engaging and thought provoking discussion with members of the audience on how job seekers can navigate the fine balance between being entrepreneurial on one end, but still navigating the organisational sensitivities.

    Thank you Aymeric Lacroix for inviting Deepali to present. We hope your audience received some helpful pointers that will potentially come in handy in their future careers.