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    HR's Contribution to Staff Morale

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    Some basic steps would include:

    1.Human Resources specifically highlighting to management of the risks to morale of not reassuring staff in an unsettled economic situation.

    2.Management (encouraged and coached by Human Resources) to agree a unified message and clearly communicate this to employees as soon as possible.

    3.Management should probably:

    • Give a balanced assessment of the companies likely upside and downside for the year. Candor will be vital here as ‘politically correct’ statements are likely to be seen as just that.
    • The companies’ plans for the region in both best case and worst case scenarios should be outlined.This should then be translated into ‘What this means for you…’ terms.
    • A feedback mechanism should be put in place encouraging any staff with specific concerns to chat one on one to their managers/mentors.

    The object of this entire exercise is to remind people of Roosevelt’s maxim ‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself’. Timely reassurance costs nothing and properly communicated with sincerity can allow people to focus on maintaining winning performance levels rather than worrying about shadows.

    This is yet another time and arena in which Human Resources can make a major contribution to the success of their business.