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    Infographic – How are HR leaders dealing with these unprecedented times?

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    In these unprecedented times, HR professionals have been strong allies to business leaders in supporting business continuity as well as keeping employees safe, healthy and productive.  We at Kerry Consulting are pleased to share insights gained from the collective wisdom and experience of HR leaders in our network through a survey on key challenges and best practices applied during the Circuit Breaker.  We hope this will be useful to all as we continue to ride through these times together and look forward to more dialogues ahead.

    Here are some of the Survey Highlights:

    Managing BCP & Crisis Responses, together with Employee Engagement & Communication appeared to be the biggest challenges faced by HR leaders during Covid-19. The pandemic has not only affected the way employees perform their daily work duties, but it has also impacted compensation. Although there has been no salary adjustment for 50% of our respondents, 20% have experienced a delay in bonus payouts and salary increment, while 16% have seen their salaries reduced. In terms of workforce planning, while 21% of the respondents still kept to their hiring plans, nearly half of the respondents (48%) have taken a cautious approach to hiring. Adoption of E-onboarding and E-exit have been very popular during the circuit breaker with 83% of the respondents following clear processes along with the use video calls and other specific e-practices wherever possible. On a positive note, there have been a number of emerging roles in demand during Covid-19 including E-commerce, Digital, Data Science, Performance Marketing and more.

    Inforgraphic: How are HR leaders coping with these unprecedented times
    Consultant Adnan Atan

    Adnan Atan
    Executive Director
    Financial Services

    Consultant Audrey Chan

    Audrey Chan
    Executive Director
    B2B, Financial Services, Tech

    Consultant Joy Seow

    Joy Seow
    B2C, Life Sciences, Tech

    Consultant Quek Yi Ting

    Yi Ting Quek
    B2C, Life Sciences, Tech

    Consultant Timothy Yong

    Timothy Yong
    B2B, Financial Services, Tech

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