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    HR Briefing: Empowering SG’s ageing workforce in a tech-driven world

    HR Briefing: Empowering SG’s ageing workforce in a tech-driven world

    Those over 60 years old are more willing to retrain compared to other age groups. Likewise, Kerry Consulting’s Director, Technology Practice Patricia Teo said that automation will likely replace repetitive and manual jobs. For instance, call centres might include more chatbots that have been developed to be more intuitive with artificial intelligence. Amidst the digital transformation, [...]


    Singtel joins growing list of firms in disclosing less detail of executive remuneration

    SINGAPORE - Singtel will disclose fewer details on how much its top executives earn because of "increasingly competitive conditions for talent in the industry". The move, announced after the telco released its 2021 annual report on Wednesday (July 7), has disappointed some corporate governance watchdogs, who say "it is a step backwards" for the firm [...]

    Insights on Quant

    Quant recruitment has seen an uptake in demand across Hedge Funds, Real Money Funds, High Frequency Trading Firms and even Cryptocurrency firms, and continues being active in Banks. The pool of Quant talents is relatively small in Asia, compared to US and Europe and hence search in this area are often global. Compared to Banks [...]

    Procedures in place to prevent misuse of NRIC data: Recruitment firms

    The recent incident of a former recruiter misused the scanned copies of job seekers' NRICs to redeem face masks highlights the importance of personal data protection governance. At Kerry Consulting, personal data protection is at utmost importance and every employee of Kerry Consulting acts in accordance with the laws and regulations. Ms Agnes Yee, a [...]