Kerry Consulting launches new initiative to support the needy during Covid-19

    Kerry Consulting

    Kerry Consulting launches new initiative to support the needy during Covid-19

    Since January of this year, Covid-19 has had a global impact on businesses, communities, people and the way they live.

    Naturally, this has had a domino effect on charities and more specifically on donations collected. All charities have seen their events including Flag Day, sports events and fundraising dinners being cancelled globally due to social distancing restrictions, and this might remain unchanged for still some time. Until now, this has translated into a 60% to 80% drop in donations since February. Some charities including Food from the Heart, have even lost major corporate sponsors.

    Charities play a crucial role in the community, especially during the time of Covid-19, with an increasing number of people being out of job, seeking support from them.

    To counter the impact of falling donations, Singapore government will match money, dollar for dollar, raised by charities and social service organisations, capped at SGD 250,000 for each charity.

    Kerry Consulting is delighted to support the needy during these tough times. Since May, we have taken the initiative to do a Charity Run / Walk among our employees (running individually) and have made a donation of SGD 1 for every kilometre ran by any of our staff.

    To date, our employees have ran 2,000 km in total, so Kerry has made a donation of SGD 2,000 to Food From the Heart, a non-profit organisation that provides food to the needy.

    Our Charity Run will go on until at least the end of July, so Food from the Heart will be receiving more donations from us upon run completion.

    This initiative follows our previous matching donation of SGD 20,000 to Food from the Heart, early May.

    As a leading search & selection firm in Singapore, Kerry is proud to be able to support the underprivileged during such times.

    A huge Thank You to all Kerry employees for their contributions.