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    Looking forward to 2022!

    A Message from Our CEO

    Consultant Declan O'Sullivan
    Declan O’Sullivan

    Dear Friends,


    I wanted to write this note on behalf of Kerry Consulting to thank you, the customers and employees of Kerry for allowing us to enjoy an incredible 2021.


    Coming on the back of 2020, which even more oddly was itself a record year, in spite of the COVID outbreak, 2021 has been our most successful year ever.


    The year isn’t quite over yet, but we will close at least 55% up on 2020.


    How has this occurred? Well of course it’s because of you, our customers and staff!


    Clearly the last, now nearly two years, has been pretty tumultuous. But you, stood with us and we all have gotten through the situation, together.


    Really a huge THANK YOU, to all concerned.

    Truly a team effort.


    Within Kerry, every single business unit has grown and we have also continued to invest in our support functions.


    With 70 staff, we are now the largest “pure” executive recruitment firm in Singapore, Almost certainly the most experienced team. By far the highest “productivity” in our industry… though oddly enough we hardly focus on such metrics.


    What we do continue to focus on is SERVICE and the VALUES which underpin it.


    Basically we see ourselves as intermediaries supporting the needs and aspirations of our clients and candidates. Our goal is to provide great outcomes for our customers… and only indirectly ourselves. This subtle distinction underpins everything we do and when I reflect on what has allowed Kerry to thrive in the midst of economic dislocation, I feel that herein lies a big part of the answer.


    So for 2022, we will double down on being the “NICE GUYS (AND GALS)” in our industry. We want people to be able to reach out to us and get sincere, bias free, informed advice…. at any time. To support this, we also need to continue to be KIND to our internal team.


    In March 2020, we were very clear that we would have zero retrenchments and that as a firm we would get through the challenge that was being presented by COVID, together. This proved to be the case. In fact I would say that the manifold challenges provided by the pandemic has only brought the team closer together.


    We also observed at the time, https://lnkd.in/ggnbaAWg that the pandemic would present opportunities for firms on many levels. The key was to maintain a long term focus and capitalise on all the opportunities being presented. Many of our clients did just that and have emerged (or are emerging) as yet stronger organizations.


    We’re really looking forward to 2022. We are really looking forward to maintaining and deepening our relationships with you. We hope to remain your trusted advisor and help your transition from the gloom of the pandemic into a happier, brighter, more fulfilling phase.


    I guess we will see.


    Happy 2022!

    New Year Greetings from Kerry Consulting