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    Making the switch: From Auditor to Executive Recruiter

    Consultant Jacee Liau
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    When Warren felt he’d given all he could in his auditing career, he wondered what was next for him. Luckily for us, he chose Kerry Consulting to grow and develop a new career in recruitment.

    Prior to joining Kerry Consulting, he worked as an auditor for a well-known auditing firm for two years. After deciding that wasn’t the path for him, he started as an Executive Consultant and began his career in recruitment.

    After graduating from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Warren’s career goal was to become a successful CFO one day. Like many of his peers in NTU, SMU or NUS, he ended in one of the big four audit firms; KPMG, Deloitte, PWC and Ernst & Young. After beginning to develop his career, Warren took a step back to reflect on what his long term professional and personal goals were, and in June 2018 after seeking advice from mentors and his family, he decided to exit the world of auditing and make a complete career switch.

    Here’s what Warren has to say about why recruitment was the best career change:

    1. I’m a better listener and understand what makes people tick

    I like Stephen Covey’s quote: “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” My time throughout Kerry has enabled me to become a better listener with the intent to understand. It’s critical in succeeding in my role. I’m presented with situations where I must listen carefully and thoroughly to both the candidate and client, in order to understand what their truest needs are.

    2. It’s a meritocratic workplace and a collaborative environment

    At Kerry Consulting, everyone has the right to express their opinions and we’re encouraged to share them openly and often. These opinions are listened to and decisions are then made based on those that are deemed best.

    Length of service or number of years’ experience have no bearing on your position, your results do. Kerry Consulting’s meritocratic culture means you are the master of your own success and have plenty of scope to progress your career.

    I am in a safe environment to make mistakes, and most importantly do my best. I’m surrounded by people who design their own path to leadership, not simply by working hard and smart, but also by expressing unique ideas that can positively impact their team and Kerry Consulting.

    3. I’m constantly improving my business acumen

    I am trained to see the big picture and use the finer details to my advantage in relationship building or problem solving. I am also better equipped to improvise in building rapport and to connect the dots.

    My conversations with clients are far more meaningful in comparison to when I first started as I’m able to better internalise intricate market information and inject that into a conversation. From advising clients on the talent pool for APAC Ecommerce Managers to discussing considerations for setting up a new office in Hong Kong, these topics were completely foreign to me a year ago.


    4. Being around successful colleagues speeds up my learning

    Clients’ requirements change constantly and rapidly.  Throughout my time here, I’ve found that the demand for agile learning is crucial. Every project is different, and I find myself in situations where I must look for connections across seemingly unrelated areas. Being exposed to the different effective styles of recruiting at Kerry Consulting has accelerated my growth, not just through active guidance from mentors, but also through observation.

    5. I have become better at critical thinking, and I get to work on improving this each day

    In order to truly understand and trust others, one must first learn to doubt and question them. It is easy to be agreeable and trusting, but I believe that is a reflection of apathy rather than real trust. This is especially important in the recruitment business, where the foundation of the business is built on relationships.

    I am trained here to be a curious and critical thinker: asking why something works, looking for reasons, finding limits and exceptions, judging value, discovering inconsistencies and errors. Today, I can understand people and issues from multiple perspectives whilst separating facts from opinions and assumptions. This is a skill I truly value and I appreciate that I get to work on this every day.

    6. I’m lucky to be in a values driven environment

    It was important for me to move to a company with strong values and I knew this was the case at Kerry Consulting.  My mentor (Jacee) really demonstrated this, as I continued to meet more people – it became clear that I shared the same values as the company and it would be a good fit for me. Kerry Consulting’s reputation for offering great mentorship was a major attraction for me. The world of recruitment was completely new, so receiving real care and guidance that would help me adjust my skill set to suit a recruitment environment was really important.  Since joining the company, I have been impressed by the leadership structure. I have felt well supported by both my line manager and other senior people from around the business.

    7. I would never have been able to walk into a room and present to clients!

    You need to be confident not just about yourself but also about the services you offer to your clients and candidates. I wanted a career where I’d be constantly meeting new people and building strong, long-term relationships, which is why a career in recruitment really appealed to me.

    So, there you have it. Do you feel inspired by Warren’s experience in recruiting?

    What do you want from your career? Perhaps you’d like something flexible, a job that’s more results driven than fulfilment driven?  Or maybe something with massive earning potential, where the sky is seemingly the financial limit.  Maybe you’d love to help other people find joy and success in their own lives.

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