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    Preparing your next job interview amidst the pandemic

    Consultant Kelly Chua
    Kelly Bowerbank (Chua)

    Most people are tired of thinking about the pandemic, but it doesn’t mean they’re done talking about it. Nearly two years into the pandemic, hiring managers are still asking candidates questions about Covid-19, be it about remote work, or how their lives or careers were impacted.

    Some of those questions are designed to gauge a potential employee’s ability to deal with change and overwhelming situations. Others are more practical, often relating to how well the candidate fits with a company’s Covid-19 policies.

    Thus, how should candidates prepare their next job interviews? Kelly Bowerbank (Chua)Education & Training practice lead at Kerry Consulting – shared her views with CNBC Make It.

    How have you adapted?

    When asked about what should candidates say during a job interview, Kelly Bowerbank (Chua) shared her views:

    “Share how you have gone beyond the job description, to help your colleagues or the wider business. Recruiters are looking for signs of leadership, selflessness and the ability to work well in ambiguity.”

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