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    Singapore is a Competitive Business Threat to Hong Kong During COVID

    Consultant Emily Tan
    Emily Tan

    With so many corporations unhappy with Hong Kong’s “draconian” COVID measures, there has been a surge in major players leaving the territory. Singapore is an obvious alternative when companies look to depart Hong Kong. Yet moving to the Garden City is not as easy as it may first seem, according to Fortune.

    The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong recently surveyed its members to ascertain which city posed the biggest threat to Hong Kong when it came to being competitive. 80% of respondents signaled Singapore.

    Head of Kerry Consulting’s Financial Services Practice, Emily Tan was recently featured in a Fortune online piece covering this topic in extensive detail. You can see Emily’s quote below and read the full piece here.

    Seeking Less COVID Measures Outside Hong Kong

    “We see an increase of at least 20% in the applicants to Singapore-based roles, with a combination of both expats and residents in Hong Kong.” – Emily Tan, Head of Financial Services Practice at Kerry Consulting

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