The spotlight is on HR in critical times, so HR talent continues to be in demand! | Kerry Consulting

    The spotlight is on HR in critical times, so HR talent continues to be in demand!

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    The spotlight is on HR in critical times, so HR talent continues to be in demand!


    Post our update in January 2020, COVID-19 significantly changed the global economy and every facet of business in terms of how we all work and live. While companies are undergoing structural changes, transforming and innovating to adapt to this new normal, these unprecedented times have shone a spotlight on Human Resources professionals who stepped up as strong allies for business leaders to keep companies going; and keep employees safe, healthy and productive.

    Human Resources leaders have been taking centre stage in:

    • Partnering Chief Executive Officers and business leaders in ensuring business sustainability and employee well-being
    • Communicating with employees to address concerns and queries on both the professional and personal front

    As a result, albeit with caution, we see continued demand for Human Resources professionals.

    Top priorities of HR Leaders and key challenges being managed include:

    • Providing direction, confidence and resilience, directly partnering CEOs and senior leaders
    • Contextualising COVID-19 for the organisation and managing communication on how it is impacting the organisation, and actionable strategies and initiatives to work through these challenging times, ensuring excellent Employee Experience
    • Business continuity planning and management addressing organisational structure, operations, technology infrastructure and processes to ensure business continuity and productivity (e-Boardings and e-Exits for example, are being actively adopted)
    • Ensuring adherence to latest workplace regulations, and keeping abreast of government advisories and guidelines
    • Safeguarding employee wellbeing by promoting and ensuring mental and emotional health
    • Addressing Future Organisation & Structure
    • Change of Engagement model, developing and innovate collaboration models to enhance work efficiency
    • Reskill & Onboard Digital Learning

    Are you looking to get market insights from HR leaders across industries to better position your organisation in these challenging times?

    Look out for our upcoming HR Survey and share with us your key pointers on innovative ideas and perspectives to empower the HR community to stay ahead of the curve.

    Authors: Audrey Chan & Joy Seow


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