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    Simple Tips for Semiconductor Professionals Looking for a Change in 2023

    Speaking Semiconductor with Michelle Lee

    Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee

    Speaking Semiconductor is Kerry Consulting’s semiconductor industry blog. In this edition Michelle Lee, Semiconductor Practice Lead, provides tips for semiconductor professionals considering a change in 2023.

    According to Gartner, the semiconductor industry is forecast to see a decline in revenue growth, with a 3.6% decrease in the first half of 2023.  This is largely due to high inflation, weakening consumer demand and uncertainty in the market.  

    With challenges ahead, many semiconductor companies are taking a wait-and-see approach to hiring as they are taking stock to see how the market develops in the early months of 2023.  

    Despite the uncertainty, it is important to remember that organisations in the semiconductor industry never stop hiring for the long term. They are looking for skilled and talented individuals who can help them navigate the challenges of the industry and continue to innovate and grow. Before the new year, please invest some time in your own personal branding to equip yourself for career opportunities in 2023. 

    Increasing Chances of Success

    There are various ways for job candidates to increase their chances of success in 2023, however, I would like to remind you of two simple but effective steps today.  

    The first is to update your CV and LinkedIn profile to showcase experience and skills. Candidates will find more success with a detailed and up-to-date profile that includes their current job title and company, as well as previous positions and education. Including a summary that highlights your core abilities and accomplishments and using the skills section to display specific hard skills will be beneficial too.  

    Knowing yourself is very important. Conducting a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis on oneself can be a valuable exercise for semiconductor professionals as it can help you understand your own abilities, areas for improvement, and potential opportunities for growth. This can be particularly helpful in the fast-paced and constantly changing world of semiconductors, where staying up to date on the latest technology, developments and in-demand skillsets is crucial for a sustainable career.  

    Importance of Soft Skills & Networking

    In addition to hard skills, such as specific technical expertise, it is also important for semiconductor professionals to focus on developing soft skills. Soft skills help you build relationships and solve problems so you can make positive contributions to a team or company. Successful leadership commonly encompasses strong soft skills that enable leaders to motivate and inspire their teams. Additionally, the ability to lead successfully often depends on a leader’s ability to strategise, listen to feedback and incorporate their team’s ideas and contributions. 

    Along with updating your CV and LinkedIn and conducting a SWOT analyis, the end of the year is an opportune time to network with a specialist recruiter in semiconductor industry.  In the event of a job opportunity, you’ll be at the top of their mind when looking for new recruits. Networking with a recruiter will also help you understand market trends and the specific areas you need to prepare for and improve on, to bolster your career progression in the long run.  

    As the semiconductor industry evolves and changes, balancing skills with creativity and a willingness to learn will be crucial for success. In uncertain market conditions, agility and adaptability will be sought after commodities. 

    As Semiconductor Practice Lead at Kerry Consulting, I am well-versed in the industry’s job market. If you are a semiconductor executive open for a new opportunity in 2023, I may be able to provide useful insights and advise you on how to approach your search.  

    I am here to help you navigate the semiconductor job market and find a position that is the right fit for you. Reach out today at

    Michelle Lee has over two decades of experience recruiting for the semiconductor industry. Prior to Kerry Consulting, she was with a leading international recruitment company as a Senior Business Manager, where she managed the overall business while personally conducting senior Technology searches.   

    As Kerry Consulting’s Semiconductor Practice lead, Michelle specialises in senior level hiring for both engineering and commercial appointments. In her current capacity she is regarded as a leading semiconductor recruiter in Asia-Pacific, with hiring mandates across South Korea, Taiwan, China, and the U.S.  

    For more information on the semiconductor recruitment market in 2023, please reach out at 

    Michelle Lee

    Michelle Lee

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