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    Kerry Consulting is Singapore’s leading search & selection firm. We have specialist practices in:

    We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by our emphasis on:

    Quality: This focus informs all aspects of our business and involves us giving equal priority to both candidates and clients.

    Depth: Our team is the most experienced of its type in Singapore.

    Training: We focus heavily on training and growing new members of our team. Our motivation to train comes from our focus on providing excellent service. Our capacity to train comes from having an exceptionally high ratio of senior to junior staff, sharing their expertise and passion in recruitment.

    Teamwork: Many of our competitors talk about teamwork. We live it. We actively promote a supportive, respectful, mature team environment while still recognizing that consulting is more akin to singles tennis than football.

    Remuneration: Kerry Consulting’s focus is on having highly capable happy people provide outstanding service to our clients and candidates. To facilitate this we ensure that our remuneration structures lead the industry to a considerable degree.

    Stability: Our model is different and built to last.

    Ambition: Kerry Consulting has maintained exceptionally high growth rates (as distinct from headcount growth rates) since its inception. We are confident that this will continue as it is based on having:

    • An exceptional team
    • The respect of a large number of clients and candidates from leading companies
    • A work environment that promotes excellence, professionalism and quality service

    What we look for in consultants

    The personal qualities we seek include:

    1. Integrity
    2. Energy
    3. Drive
    4. Rigour
    5. Intelligence (IQ/EQ)
    6. Ambition
    7. Team orientation

    Many of our existing consultants profiles are in Our Team section. Specific backgrounds are secondary to the personal qualities outlined above.

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